September 2019
xian museum china tour

Xi’an Museum

The Xi’an Museum is a place for history enthusiasts and has many items inside that would quench the thirst on understanding ancient China. It is located in a complex which has the Small Wild Goose Pagoda and the Jian Fu Temple as well, alongside a...
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Chinese tea ceremony - China

Chinese Tea Ceremony, all you need to know before attending one

China introduced the world to many things, and one of the most famous ones is tea. Chinese have been drinking tea for nearly 4000 years. Although the Chinese did invent tea ceremonies, it was in Japan where it flourished hence when hearing tea ceremony, many...
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Old City God Temple

City God Temple

The City God Temple, also known as Temple of the City Gods and officially known as the City Temple of Shanghai, is a folk Chinese temple situated inside the Shanghai old city. The temple was constructed in order to commemorate the blossoming of Shanghai and...
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CCTV Headquarters Beijing

The New CCTV Tower

Beijing, as an old city in China, is home to many historical sites such as the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, and many more. Although Beijing is filled with these lovely ancient attractions, it also has some modern odd-looking buildings, and...
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Longjing Tea Village Hnagzhou

Longjing Tea Village

Longjing Tea Village, also known as Dragon Well is a small village in Hangzhou, located upon hills on the southwest side of the West Lake. This place is around 1,200 years old and is home to Longjing Tea. The best tea in China also praised...
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