Sichuan Province, Republic of China

Where you will see the unique landscapes in China
Chinese Name:  四川省
Capital City: Chengdu
Area: 485,000 sq km (187,000 sq mi)
Population: 82,100,000 (2018)
Coordinates: 30°08′N 102°56′E
Highest Elevation: 7,556 m (24,790 ft)
Province Website:


Sichuan Province Map

Top Attractions in Sichuan


In the southwest China you see a province with a vast land, divided into two parts, one part is Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the other one is Sichuan Basin. Sichuan Basin is a flat land which is surrounded with high mountains. Chengdu, the capital of the province, is located in the heart of Sichuan province. Before 1997 it was the most crowded province of China. The weather in Sichuan varies from east to west as a result of different geographical topography. Generally it is usually cloudy and humid and spring is the best season for visiting Sichuan while some tourists prefer colorful autumn. If I want to talk about the Sicilian’s weather in details I’ll say in some places you can experience the mild summers with pleasing breeze and the lands full of sun loveliness that make you want to walk on the soft ground. It’s too short but worth experiencing. On the other hand in some other parts, the sun shines very strongly which can harm you and makes you need a good hat to ban the ultraviolet rays. In other parts of this wide area you can enjoy the warm winter which is gleaming and you might have an unforgettable time. The high mountains, eye-catching faults, brilliant lakes and lovely rivers caused Sichuan to be like a poem, a dream or an attractive music.



It’s interesting to know that Sichuan in Chinese means “four ravines” which refers to four major ravines located in this province. It has about 81 million inhabitants. Sichuan farms have an unavoidable role in the economy of province, and these farms have made Sichuan a greener place. Rice and wheat are the most important agricultural products of Sichuan. Sichuan produces the rice more than any other province in china due to its fecund soil. Also it has lots of mines and industrial companies which make it a good place for shopping. Also there are forests both good for tourists to visit and companies to use the woods. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Chinese people call it “Land of Plenty”. You can find almost everything there and that’s the reason they could live separated from the China as we know know for years and years.


History of great Art and culture in Sichuan

Sichuan is an ancient civilization. Since thousands years ago people have been living here, and it was a great civilized city about 200 B.C. So you’ll find lots of great archaeological landmarks all over this province. The state of “Shu” was located in the land now we call it Sichuan. This state lived about 7 centuries. In the last decades new discoveries have showed us the great artifacts which were made in Sichuan about 3000 years ago. You might have heard about Sanxingdui which is an exploration of 19th century. A lot of treasures have been found there.  Sanxingdui Bronze heads, Bronze animal masks and Bronze tree were pulled out of this site. The most famous treasure is a 27 centimeter Bronze Head with a golden foil mask. Nowadays Sanxingdui Museum is a good spot for people who are interested in the ancient world, ancient cultures and their unique art. It’s the hugest museum in that part of China. Despite the ancient statues, this museum has modern facilities and the architecture is bonny for who are interested in the architecture.



Sichuan – Pandas and Paradise

Natural sites of Sichuan make it a very pleasant destination for tourists who visit china. Maybe you can see sights like just some of these sights in other parts of china, but in Sichuan they have their special qualities that can thrill you. There are lots of places you can choose according to your interests. For example Mount Emei, Chengdu Plain, Min River, Jiuzhaigou, Le shan Giant Buddha and Dujiangyan are some of these perfect places.
You have seen lovely black and white playful giant pandas for sure. There is a research park where they have made the best environment and facilities for these cute adorable animals. Tourists love to see them. In the park there’s also a Giant Panda museum. In this museum you can learn lots of things about the past, present and future of this Symbol of Nation and Nature in China. The area has 7 seven nature reserves and 9 nature parks. In China it’s called “National Treasure”. In this center you can find some rare kinds of plants too.
Jiuzhaigou or as lots of people say the paradise in the earth is another scenic area full of  particular colors. If I want to have a short statement about it I would say you won’t believe that you are seeing this nature’s masterpiece while you are awake. In the autumn you can see the trees full of colors while in the winter you see mountains covered whit snow and just near them the static, peaceful, lovely lakes are located. The pleasing scene of mute water while orange leaves are floating on water makes you feel relaxed.


Sichuan Food – Pepper, Hot sauce and special way of cooking!

Sichuan cuisine is a style. If there are 3 things that Sichuan is well-known for, one of them is its unique cuisine for sure. Sichuan pepper is famous all around the world and plays an important role in the local cuisine. Lots of chefs know it and use it to make chilly dishes. The Sichuan foods will impress you when you try it. It’s usually spicy and that’s why it’s well-known, but it has a lot more to offer. This unique cuisine style have made it a sign of Sichuan province and China in the whole world. Previously I told you about this province’s agriculture. Its rice is very high grade and the various plants, fruits and vegetables caused Sichuan residents to make different kind of foods. They have different tastes and can satisfy people with different taste of food. They might be salty or sweet. Kung Pao Chicken and Twice Cooked Pork are the most famous dishes of Sichuan. Dan Mian is a good choice for who are interested in noodles. In Sichuan, you’ll feel desire for spicy food. Beneath all the flavors you can feel the spicy flavor. The Sichuan pepper can be used in other kind of foods, I mean the dishes which are cooked by foreigners. It’s not hotter than black pepper. The Sichuan sause is famous too. It’s made of Sichuan’s pepper and can be used in lots of foods.
For having a good meal in Sichuan I don’t have any special suggestion for the restaurants but you can find Indian restaurants, Muslim restaurants and Vegetarian restaurants easily near Hotpot restaurants which serve local Sichuan food.



shopping in Chengdu

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, is not like those big cities where life goes on very rapidly. In the streets you can sense the relaxation of life. Streets are full of big and small stores and restaurants together. Brocade and embroidery are two hand made products which you can buy in the traditional and modern stores. They have good quality and they’re exported to other countries. If you ask any Chengdu inhabitant where to buy things you need they’ll surely suggest you the Chunxi Road. It’s the most crowded part of city. Further more it’s a historic place. In this street famous brands and Chinese local store exist at the same time in the extreme big malls. You might also want to buy from pedestrians. Lots of antique shops are situated in this street. You also can find vases, flower sets and bowls in this street. They have nostalgic designs. There are some traditional streets and bazaars too where you can feel the art and culture of china. Wuhou Temple Side Street is the street when you can Tibetan products. If you are looking for souvenir Giant Panda products are very favorable. Another good souvenir is a beautiful Facial Makeup Mask which is so beautiful and children really love it.


You won’t be tired of Sichuan

There are lots of other things that can entertain you in Sichuan. Sichuan opera with its folk music, great atmosphere, and local clothes make you want to go there again and again. Bial Lian or Changing Face is a dramatic art and part of every performance. They change faces so rapidly that sometimes you can’t even notice. We don’t know really how do they do that. Children learn the tricks from their parents. If you are interested in exploring ordinary people’s lives in Sichuan you might  want to go to tea houses and clubs. In the tea houses you see the smooth life where people sit and talk about everything and sometimes there might be operas. Anybody will enjoy visiting Sichuan especially who can sense the art of nature and mankind.

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