7 Days Guangzhou – Shenzhen

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What days do you have departure?

Most of our tours start from Beijing and then they go to different cities. Currently we have 2 weekly departures for all the tours on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

How many people are in the small group?

The number of passengers in each small group might be varying in different destinations. However we assure you that there are no more than 20 people in the small groups. On Average, small groups usually consist of 10-12 passengers in Beijing, and 5-6 passengers in other cities which make it more convenient to hang around.

Do you guarantee your departure dates?

Yes! We offer 100% guaranteed departure on all of our tours even with only 1 Passenger. You can book your tour and make sure it will be departed on time.

Is there any Hotel included in this tour?

Yes! All of our tours include 4 and 5 Star top hotels with breakfast. For more information about your hotels in different cities, please refer to the day by day itinerary.

What is Hotel single supplement fee?

The base price for hotel rooms is based on 2 passengers in a room. For solo travelers who want to have a private hotel room, there is an extra charge that covers the room fee and it is called single supplement. It is not twice the normal price so it is still beneficial for solo travelers who want their privacy in their hotel room.

Why the Single Supplement fee is mandatory?

Most of the hotel rooms designed for 2 passengers in a room which breaks the cost. China Ways tour prices are also calculated based on 2 passengers which is the optimum price. Solo travelers need to pay the single supplement fee upon their booking so that we could confirm their hotel.

Can I share my room with other passengers to save the Single supplement fee?

Yes you can. However we do not guarantee that there are passengers in your small group who are willing to share their room. We try our best to match solo travelers who are willing to share their hotel room and dismiss the extra fee. If it happened, we will refund the single supplement fee to the passengers after the tour.

Is it possible to customize your tours?

Absolutely! We need to know about your Arrival/Departure dates and your desired plan, and we will customize your itinerary. We usually try to match you with one of the small groups in our destinations, so that you could get a better deal. However, in some cases you might have a combination of Small Group and Private tour.

Can I go on a tour in reverse order?

In that case, we suggest you to arrange your trip in a way that you join the small group in one of the cities (Usually Beijing) so that you could get a better price. Even if you are going to have a private tour in your destinations, we are going to provide you the Airport transfer, English speaking tour guide, and all other tour inclusions.

Is it possible to book part of a tour?

Yes! Either it is just 1 day in a tour, or a few days, you should let us know and we will plan to have you on board. For example if a tour goes to Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong and you are looking at tours from Shanghai to Hong Kong, you can let us know your trip days and we will arrange the rest.

Is there any pickup service included in this tour?

Yes! All of our tours include Airport pickup and Hotel transfer service. We will pick you up based on your timing and that is why we need to know your flight details in advance. Upon your arrival to China, our English speaking tour guides will be waiting for you holding a “China Ways” Placard.

Is there any drop-off service included in this tour?

No! Currently none of our tours include drop off service. Our passengers will be going to the different destinations with a very different timing and it is easier and more convenient for them to find their way to their next destination on their own. However, we will gladly help and provide this service upon request for a reasonable price, if you needed us to do so.

Do you still offer Pickup if I arrive earlier or later than departure date?

Yes. Airport pickup and Hotel transfer are included in all the tout packages and we always pick you up without any extra charge if you arrive earlier or later. Please note that we only provide Hotel transfer to the passengers who stay in our Partner hotel with other group members.

What happens if I arrive earlier than tour departure?

No worries! The first day of our tours is dedicated to pick up passengers from Airport and transfer them to the hotel (As people are coming from different countries and the timings are different). If you arrive earlier, we can help you to book and extra night in the same hotel, so that you could checking and have a free day before your tour starts. We offer the most affordable hotel prices to our customers as we have contract with our hotel partners.

What happens if I arrive later than tour departure?

If you arrive later than the first day, you probably miss the first day with group. However, we can slightly modify your itinerary so that you join the same group on the other days, and then probably makeup the day that you missed at the end as a private day tour. If you need to leave the first city with the group, you will miss that day and there is no refund for that part.

What class service is booked on the flight / bullet trains?

By default, we will book economy seats on flights and bullet trains (Also called Second class). However, we could upgrade the rickets to First class or Business for the extra charge.

What is the baggage rule for flights / Bullet trains?

All Bullet trains usually have enough space to carry as many baggage as you want. Passengers can put their luggage in their cabin. Flight from Xian to Guilin usually allows 15 Kg bag and 7 Kg personal item. Flight from Guilin to Shanghai allows 20 Kg bag and 7 Kg personal items.

Is there any shopping opportunities?

Shopping is one of the fun parts in the vacation. So we included some shopping opportunities in the tours. The shopping stops are to the most famous places in China that offers unique Chinese products such as Silk, Jade, and peal and Malls. There is NO presentation, NO mandatory shopping, and NO long stops at the shopping places and we usually included them in tours in a way that in interested passengers would have other options.

What kind of documents do you need for booking?

There is no document necessary at the time of booking. You can just choose your desired date, and book the tour. After you confirmed your booking, we are going to need Passport copies from all the passengers (For Hotel and Transport purposes) and also Arrival flight details to arrange the pickup service. After the booking you have some time to book your flight and send us the details.

Do I need a Chinese Visa if I stay less that 6 Days (144 Hours)?

It depends on the country of citizenship. According to the Chinese rules, citizens of 53 countries, are allowed to Enter China from Beijing or Shanghai without a Visa – and then apply for the 144-Hour Visa free policy at the airport. In that case, they don’t need to get a Visa. For more information please refer to 144-Hour Visa free policy.

Do you get Chinese Visa for the passengers?

No. Currently the Chinese Visa is not included in the tour packages. However, we will help you to get your Visa. We also provide you the necessary documents and information so that you can get your Visa on your own. We also provide Invitation Letters and Travelers Insurance as you might need to apply for a visa.

Do you provide Invitation Letter for Chinese Visa?

Yes! We are a registered travel agency in China (YIYA TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL) and we provide Invitation Letter to the passengers upon their request. It will cost 5$/Passenger. We also need to know which embassy / Consulate you are going to apply, so that we stay in touch with them, in case of any question of concern about your case.

Is there any travelers Insurance Included?

No. The travelers insurance is NOT included in the tour, but we can offer you affordable insurance policies for your travel from a well-known Chinese company. Getting travelers insurance from a Chinese company is the most appropriate choice for a tour in China. Our plan offers up to 100K RMB for accidental Insurance, up to 50K RMB for Medical Insurance, and up to 500 RMB for Travel Inconvenience such as baggage delay. For more information and booking, please visit Travelers Insurance page.

Tour includes

  • Airport pickup & Hotel transfer
  • Hotel fees in Guangzhou (2 Nights)
  • Hotel fees in Shenzhen (3 nights)
  • Bullet train from Guangzhou to Shenzen
  • Daily city tours with transportation
  • All entry fees to tourist attractions
  • English speaking tour guide
  • 6 Buffet breakfasts, 4 Lunches, 1 Dinner

Price Excludes (Optional)

  • Chinese Visa
  • International flight
  • Private expenses

Tour Itinerary

Day 1Arrival in Guangzhou

After a warm greeting, we will transfer you to your 4-star hotel in Guangzhou and upon check in the hotel, the rest of the day is free for you to recover in your room or it is recommended to visit Chimelong Paradis, one of the largest theme parks in China. Its designs and techniques are ranked on top in the world. Eight of its items are reputed as the best in Asia and the world.

Meals: No meals, Tour leaders will advice if needed
Hotel: Nanyang King’s Gate Hotel

Day 2Guangzhou (B)

After breakfast, you will meet with your fellow group members in the hotel lobby and then set off for the city tours. First, we will take you by Baiyun Cable Car to the top of the Baiyun Mountain to see a nice view and enjoy the scenic areas.
Then, we will leave for the magnificent Yuntai Garden which is appreciated by all visitors. Here you can walk among the beautiful area and enjoy your time while relaxing.
After lunch, we will take you to the Canton Tower, one of the tallest structures on the planet. The architecture of this tower is truly wonderful and the colorful lights at night give it a charming look.
At night, we will conclude our first day tour by taking you to the Pearl River Night Cruise to have a memorable day set in your mind and enjoy having dinner on Cruise.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast + Lunch + Dinner
Hotel: Nanyang King’s Gate Hotel

Day 3Guangzhou – Shenzhen (B)

After breakfast, our guide will meet you at hotel lobby. Your first destination will be the Yuexiu Hill. This place is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Guangzhou and includes beautiful natural surroundings and also ancient sites. At the top of the hill, we will see the Five Rams Sculpture which is one of the city’s emblems.
We will continue our tour to Chen Clan Academy which is home to the Guangdong Folk Art Museum. This place is a heaven for architecture enthusiasts. A charming place filled with architectural detail than you would appreciate.
After we are done with attractions and having lunch, we go back to the hotel and after the checkout is done, we will take you to the train station to leave for Shenzhen for the rest of your tour.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast + Lunch
Hotel: Century Plaza Hotel

Day 4Shenzhen (B+L)

After breakfast at the hotel, you are free to explore the city on your own. Your tour in Shenzhen starts in the afternoon. First, we will visit the Window of the World, a truly beautiful and large theme park consist of 8 zones and filled with miniature versions of the world’s attractions such as the Eifel Tower and Taj Mahal. After walking around the world in one day, you will be able to enjoy the night show.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast + Lunch
Hotel: Century Plaza Hotel

Day 5Shenzhen (B+L)

After breakfast, we will start our 2nd day tour by visiting the China Folk Culture Village. Covering an area of about 74 acres on the bank of Shenzhen Bay, the Splendid China is the most comprehensive and the largest miniature park of China. The whole park looks like a large China map, on which there are 82 miniatures of the famous Chinese attractions positioned in a ratio of 1:15. All of these attractions could be divided into three categories including ancient buildings, mountains and rivers as well as folk customs and residences.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast + Lunch
Hotel: Century Plaza Hotel

Day 6Shenzhen (B)

Today, you are free to explore the city on your own. It is suggested to visit Happy Valley which is a large theme park in consisting of nine major projects and It’s a place to spend some fun time for both adults and children.

Meals: Western buffet breakfast
Hotel: Century Plaza Hotel

Day 7Leaving Shenzhen (B)

It is recommended to visit Shenzhen Safari Park and Wild Animal Zoo before leaving. It would be joyful for those who like to see lions, tigers, and bears up close.
Check out form hotel before noon and we will take you to Shenzhen Airport to board. We hope that you have enjoyed your 5 days’ tour in China and have a safe flight back home! Hope to see you soon!

Meals: Western buffet breakfast

Tour Price & Room Types

Every Tuesday Double Room
(Price Per Person)
Single Supplement
(1 Person in a Room)
Nanyang King’s Gate Hotel
Century Plaza Hotel
569$ 729$

* Prices are different due to high-season and low-season.


Details of 7 Days China Tour

  • Duration: 7 Days - 6 Nights
  • Destinations: Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • Tour Type: Small Group of 1-20 pax (100% Guaranteed Departures)
  • Guide & Driver: English Speaking Tour Guide / Comfortable Van or Car
  • Transportation: High-Speed Train
  • Tour Pickup: Guangzhou International Airport (CAN)
  • Tour Drop Off: Shenzhen International Airport (SZX)
  • You Will Visit:

Baiyun Mountain
Yuntai Garden
Canton Tower
Pearl River Night Cruise
Yuexiu Hill
Chen Clan Academy
Window of the World
China Folk Culture Village
Shenzhen Safari Park
Happy Valley
Wild Animal Zoo